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Alton Community Centre

Room 4

Ground Floor
Room 4 is our playgroup room, so as you might expect, it is geared towards children. However, if you want a room for a meeting or other small event, adult-sized furniture can be put out for you and any other equipment you require. The room also has a kitchenette and toilets, so you can make your own refreshments if you so desire. The room also has a conservatory with a door that opens out into the courtyard.

Click on the images above to see enlarged versions and to see a plan of the room, please scroll to bottom of this page. We have a range of equipment and furniture available at no extra cost - see our Equipment page.  


Title Details


Length=6.13m; Width=4.79m (excluding conservatory & toilets)

Floor Area:

28.99m² (44.99m² inc conservatory & rear section)


20 people


Fluorescent strip lights


See our Licences page

Room 4, Alton Community Centre