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Annual Reports

Each year we produce an annual report. This includes reports from the various parts of the organisation's activities, as well as the accounts we are required to produce for the Charity Commission.

Note that in 2017 the charity changed its status from being an unincorporated membership association (charity number 266673) to being a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO). This change means that the organisation is now called 'Alton Community Association CIO' and it has a new charity number: 1173885. This makes no difference to the way the association is run other than the fact that the organisation is now a legal entity, offering the trustees a degree of protection. In accounting terms, the original association ceased trading on 31/8/17 and the CIO started trading on 1/9/17.

You can download these to see what we've been doing each year.

Alton Community Association (Unincorporated Association) Charity No 266673

ACA 2016-2017 Annual Report & Accounts File Uploaded: 27 March 2018 3 MB